72 Things To Do In NITK

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

The freedom and roughness that you associate with a government institute in India; a residential setting in a quiet and yet, cosmopolitan city; a location on the coast that connects you to South India’s most interesting hotspots; fellow students who’ve mastered the art of being freakishly smart while remaining ‘chilled out’, and most spectacularly, the promise of a reputed degree once it’s all over. It certainly is hard to find a combination that works better than this. Consider yourself fortunate if NITK Surathkal is indeed where you are.

Looking back at the four fabulous years I had spent at NITK, I am proud to say that I surpassed the standards I had set for myself while I was in college. I write this e-book in the hope that it inspires you to live the high-octane college life that you’ve always desired.

The e-book is now available for a free download by clicking on the link below. Happy reading!