What it's like to intern at J.P. Morgan Chase

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Well, I was done completing this article weeks ago but it's only now that I'll be publishing it. 

Keen on knowing what an internship in America's largest bank is like? 

This post should tell you just that.

About J.P. Morgan Chase

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. is an American multinational banking and financial services holding company. With assets worth US$ 2.5 trillion, it is the largest among the Big Four banks of the United States that include Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo. The bank, whose presence in India dates back to 1922, has offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

I was one among the 29 undergrads who had been recruited to form the firm’s pilot batch of technology summer interns. We had worked in the company for 8 weeks starting May 19, 2014. Let’s begin with the day I was hired.

Getting hired

The firm had visited the campuses of 5 NITs across India (Allahabad, Calicut, Surathkal, Trichy and Warangal) for its recruitment drive. It was on November 13, 2013 that it visited us at Surathkal. These were the rounds we had:

• Initial shortlisting: Only students from the CS and IT branches at NITK were permitted to enroll for the process. A minimum CGPA requirement was set after which 80 of us were eligible to write the aptitude test.

• Written aptitude test: Consisted of 4 multiple choice papers - Logical reasoning, quant, English and basic programming - for which we were given 20 minutes each. Felt that the questions were simple and pretty straightforward. The results were announced in the afternoon and 20 of us had cleared the test.

• Technical Interview: I was asked moderate questions on algorithms, database systems and the projects I had done in college. The interviews went on till around 6 pm after which 11 of us progressed to the final round.

• HR interview: This was an interview that I really enjoyed. The HR manager began with the clichéd questions and then went on to ask some very interesting ones for half an hour. My interview was the last and what followed it were some really tense moments when all the interviewers got together in a room.

• Offers: Being the Internship Coordinator, I was going to be the one to receive the final list from the interviewers and then make it public. At 9 pm, the interviewers called for me and gave me a sheet of paper which had 6 names on it that didn't include mine. Crestfallen, I was heading for the door to make the announcement when the interviewers burst out laughing and asked me to add the seventh name myself ;-)

On-boarding process

Being a US based bank with operations in India, the firm had a very cumbersome pre-employment screening process which began in February and went on till May. It was during this time that we were told about our postings and working sectors within the organization.

I was allotted to the Consumer and Community Banking Line of Business which is basically the division in the firm which handles all retail banking operations.

One person from every NIT was sent to work in Hyderabad and I happened to be the one from NITK.

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